Played my first PR:ArmA game yesterday, and it was awesome. In a squad of pretty much three guys, and I think that for once I even managed to kill some enemies, although I think that was mainly due to getting lucky while I pathetically tried to spray bullets at some vague enemy location while one of my squaddies that actually knew what he was going tried to flank... I think there was only one guy left by the time he got there. Good times. Later, I got myself cornered in a building surrounded by said enemy again, because I'm terrible at keeping up with my squad. I heard them saying something about dropping my weapon and surrendering, and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to do what they said. Never mind that I was actually in a pretty awesome possition (in hindsight) and the only thing that would have got me out would have been a rocket or a mortar - camping stairwells is good. Anyway, either they never intended to let me live, or it was because I forgot to un-equip my weapon - I walked out, mashed my surrender (Ctrl-S) and got promptly turned into swiss cheese.

Second PR:ArmA game was... not so good. At least, not until I switched sides later on. Pretty much no communication at all between people, and then got yelled at for talking (also in hindsight, I think that might be because the person yelling at me was trying to be stealthy somewhere). Spent my time generally seperated from the rest of my side, running around confused. Then died, went back to start base, and hopped in a tank that seemed to be driving off to join the rest of the guys. Half way across the desert they stopped and told me to get out. Alright, so I will... and they drove off, leaving me there.

So I walked around the desert a bit, then sat down by a bush and got stared at by the enemy team... which half an hour later I switched to and had an awesome time. And repeatedly died.