Threw in an application for the Irregulars on... Thursday, maybe? I could scuttle around the forums to check, but I won't. Anyway, got my first game with these awesome guys yesterday on the ArmA Alpha server (after about two hours of using remote assistance to try to get Bravo working, which didn't happen because the recent PR patch was conflicting)., on the Domination 2 map, against AI.

Before I go into detail, I'd like to throw a huge thanks out to the following people (sorry if I forgot anyone!) for making me welcome and helping a confused newbie.
Bad Blood

Anyway, first side mission involved driving somewhere in a tank, then LowSpeed and Bad Blood (I thnk it was them?) scuttled into a forest full of enemies (except Blood had killed most of them geurilla style before we got there). I was given the task of sitting on a hill and 'overwatching' for enemies ahead of them on the road. I immediately got lost in the hills, and spotted about one guy in the forest, and a rabbit. Then got to navigate the tank back to the base after the objective was secured ("You know the road you're on? You'll come to a T junction at the end, but go cross-country, where the road would have gone if it had still been straight.")

After this, some more people logged on. I think there was BODIE, Shane, Unkl and AxiomGreen. Oh, and some hacker. So we all loaded up into the chinook and woop wooped our way to the next side mission... and got shot out of the air on the way and all died. Rinse, repeat, get shot again... but this time don't explode, instead just sort of... gently hit the ground while vaguely controlled. This mission was to destroy some tanks, or something. I was in the AT fireteam with Unkl, BODIE and shane, if I remember correctly. Things started fairly well, then Bodie and shane got hit by something, and I managed to fail at throwing a smoke grenade (durr, spaghetti arms), then ran forwards to heal them anyway. At which point the bullets started flying, so I hid behind a rock. Fwip fwip, ping! Tracers zoomed to either side of the rock, so I sort of stayed down and made pathetic little noises to myself. Being pinned down is not a nice experience. Good for an adrenaline rush, though. Then some shots got around the rock, or something, and took me out. Someone picked me back up, and the AT squad ran back to the mobile base thing to re-arm. Returned to the front line, and shot at stuff. Or I assume they did, I hid in a bush, wishing I'd brought a sniper rifle. Eventually cleared the area, and scuttled down to blow up the tanks. Satchel charges are fun.

Then this little orange chain appeared, went red, and we were all booted off the server. Haxx! Haxx was dealt with, re-loaded server, and sat around waiting for a new side mission to pop up. Suring this time shane (I think) started dancing. I have no idea what this mod is, but I want it. My boyfriend (watching me play) and I for some reason almost died laughing. Somehow, a soldier in full combat gear dancing John Travolta is side-splittingly hillarious. On that topic, I'll drop in some links...

Anyway, next side mission was to assault what I assume was a AA battery or something on a mountaintop. Following a pattern here, we got shot at in the chopper again, and had to eject some 2m above the ground, resulting in wounds all around. After a long hike along the peaks, we saw the enemy. As the only person with a sniper waffle, I peered at the enemy. To the south of their group was some dude holding a gun with those little balancing leg things on the front and looking around (the wrong way, thankfully) with binoculars. Turned out he was the officer, and my target. So we shuffled forwards to the next bluff (I almost got lost along the way), and people formed up. Something allerted the AI to us, and the officer started running down hill. Shot once, missed. Shot again, killed him. Then some sort of mortar smacked the ground in front of my face and I shuffled backwards off the brow of the hill, and completely missed the rest of the fight while bandaging myself. An artillery strike was called in on the enemy possition, at which point we were told the mission had failed because "the target has died in a tragic accident". Y'know, because it matters whether or not he was dismembered by a mortar or tattoo'd with bullets.

Scuttle back to the chopper, return to base, go to bed.

Shot/kill ratio through that game? 2:1. Not counting that panicked moment where I sort of sprayed in the enemy's general direction during the second mission. Although I think that was about five shots before I realised there was no way I was going to hit the guy.