Not-entirely-serious idea for ArmA and such. And some of it is complete lies.

  • The automatic rifleman or machinegunner is your tank. Their job is to make sure the enemy stays still, and generally attract their attention. They can also act a little like crowd control. However, some of the time they can't take the time out of keeping the enemy still to carefully line up killing shots.
  • The medic or corpsman is your healer. They are allergic to bullets, explosives and so forth. Therefore try to make sure they don't take aggro!
  • AT (anti tank) is burst DPS. They are used to take down enemy tanks (real tanks, in this case). Be aware that their abilities take a while to charge up (aim), and they have very limited mana (rockets), so it is important that they manage to get their shot in! They are very squishy, so it's often worth having them initiate a fight by taking down the enemy tank, before it can do too much damage. After they have run out of mana, they become a plain Rifleman.
  • Rifleman is simple DPS. Because they don't have to be firing bullets at everyone all the time (like the Automatic Rifleman), they can take time to aim and make sure their shots are more likely to hit.
  • Marksman is burst DPS, taking time to line up their shots at longer range targets and taking them down. They are also squishy. Use like AT, but against people.