... who apparently copied me, although I think that was only in terms of using blog posts because they're the only things we can actually edit. So, I shall also be using this little blog post thing to document missions I'm making, etc. I'm mainly mission making for Bravo, although most missions are probably easily transferable to Alpha too, although likely lacking some nuances. Anyway!

_____CO34 Fish 'n' Chips_____
Still Testing
Zargabad patrol. Minimum Players: 13. Respawn, ACE wounds revive time, JIP friendly. Requires OA, ACE, ACRE. Recommended BAF expansion pack for textures.

British forces patrol the surrounding areas of Zargabad, then Zargabad itself. Hopefully a breadcrumb trail of hints and objectives, some of which are not required. Intended approach to Zargabad being clearing the surrounded areas as noted as areas of interest, then into the city itself. Support comes from 1 x Warrior 2, 3 x Jackals. Would like to impliment other aspects into gameplay, but some require sripts I don't have, or triggers I don't know how to use (yet).

Changes Made
  • Removed Warrior due to it being OP, reduced player count from 37 to 34.
  • Fixed some map markers that shouldn't be showing.
  • Fixed some triggers.
  • Removed one of the Jackals.
  • Added ammo and salvage vehicles.

Changes To Make
  • Add backpacks for Grenadiers.
  • Add earplugs.
  • Make higher playercount version?
  • Octavia almost killed the server.

22/03/2012: Thanks to the initial testers!
23/03/2012: I just want to say thank you to everyone who played. It feels absolutely awesome to see a mission you've made going perfectly. Even if the assault on the airfield wasn't intended - totally showed up the advantages and disadvantages of the AI. Very tense, especially given that almost all of the squad I was with had almost entirely run out of ammo, and I'd run out of morphene - we were scavenging enemy weapons. Anyway! Ended up with a full server, so I may or may not be making a larger version as well. (CO54?)