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Battlefield as a whole until Bad company and BC2 and now Battlecod 3.... have always been a different breed.... But EA/DICE has sold out and now in perfect shaped to crap out BC3, then BF4, then BC4 then BF2143..... over the next 4 years and compete head to head with the COD series.... They have taken a franchise/series and FUBAR'd it into a common die out game after 6-12 months just to nab money and then they turn around and try to sell you short cuts, and other content that should have been done and corrected and fixed before they even released the damn thing. So yay we bought an incomplete hybrid game, with sloppyness slapped all over it, and were ok with that because things change.... blah blah blah... time to wake up. It's past the point in time when they would make a game at a certain standard, then release it and STILL support it for 4-5 years.... Now it is hurry promise the world, release a half ass'ed completed game and take our money and onto the next project.... **** I'm just going to start folding.... at least it will do something good for someone.