I leave for six weeks of India in about an hour. I usually write a blog somwhere, but sparked by the interest of some TG-ers I figured I would write it here this time around. And who knows, maybe it might inspire some of the fans of american exceptionalism of which there seem to be suite a bit in TG, to travel themselves one day and learn about different culture. Failing that, I'll aim to spark at least an interest in other cultures, and the exceptional wisdom and creativity that exists in every single culture if you bother to look at it in the right light.

Departure: I leave in a few hours by -tram(trolley?) then -train -plane -plane -taxi -plane -taxi. All together I aim to arrive after a journey of approximately 30 hours and this right after a full night shift.

Fortunately, experience tought me that suffering a lot before you arrive at a destination makes it exponentially easier to acclimatise to whatever circumstances you will find yourself in.

So tommorow I should be in a place that I have no clue about, other then that it has a temperature around 35c at this time (vs 1c in Belgium), lies on the southwest coast of India, and has stuff. Now I know travelling without an itinerary is intimidating for many people. But once you have done it, it is so liberating, so enthralling that it is nearly impossible to go back to planned travelling. This is another aspect which I hope will be interesting to some.

Any remarks or questions are welcome. Furthermore I don't know too well how the blogging system works on TG, so I hope I won't bother anyone if it does or does not appear on the main page.

Biggaayal, (since very recently proud) citizen of possibly the first country in the world with an openly gay and openly socialist prime minister which has not collapsed into chaos sodomy and concentration camps against all odds for now ;).