Through the years, I have been able at times to own some really nice guitars..from Les Pauls, American Jacksons, and my Custom Shop Wolfgang to my unbelievably awesome CE24 from the late 80's...I wish I could have kept them all!! :row__685: hahahaah

I find myself now in possession of a brand new guitar, which is very rare for me..I have only had a couple of "new" instruments ("good" quality guitars are crazy expensive for the most part) but this new little guitar has been a complete surprise. With the economy, the instrument manufacturers are, I am sure, hurting to say the least! So several have gone from their "normal" over-priced hand-made American guitars, turning instead to foreign manufacturers that are using the same drawings, some less expensive wood types, and cutting a few of the "known-for" aesthetics to produce cheaper lines of more affordable "good" instruments that play and sound REALLY good.

I bring you my PRS Custom 24 SE model...! I am very, VERY happy with this instrument. Having owned the VERY expensive version I can say that it plays almost as good, feels exactly the same, and is a very valid replacement at 1/5 the cost!

I took the stock electronics out (as I do with every guitar) and replaced it with EMG's, because I prefer active pickups over "regular" type pickups, as they work for ALL of the types of music I play. From Country to Metal, the EMG's are superior.

After having installed the new "guts" and doing some setup work, which everyone does to make it "feel" like you want, this "SE" model is now indistinguishable from the much higher priced cousin.

The main difference I notice in these instruments is really just "visual" changes. Instead of having a curved top, the SE has a flat top, and instead of a more expensive mohogany body with a pretty maple cap, the SE has an Alder body with a pretty maple cap. The necks are identical, just made in Korea instead of the US, and at $664 vs. $3055, there is no reason for me to ever want to spend that extra money on the US made version, unless of course I hit a big Lotto!

I encourage any of you players to go to your local seller and try one of these out..I do not thnik you will be dissapointed at all..:row__537:
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