Well first post on this blog thingy by the british KFC soldier that is me ^.^ and well its been a long night tonight for me after sleeping from 10am till 6pm today i wake up and see that BFBC2 is downloaded so obviously im as happy as a little kid on christmas day seeing the prezzies at the tree.

So i load it up waiting to see all the game has to offer and so far so good i log on happily and wait for the server browser to load up, now by this time ive gone and got me some food for tonight eaten it had a drink had a smoke (dont start) and got back to the comp after 30 or 40 mins and BOOM! still no servers and its loading data. I was not amused as at all by it so i restart the game and then EA decide to pull the plug on its servers and upgrade and such HOURS AFTER I GET IT! >.< great so i sit here thinking ok so a hour or two and its doen that will do me so i wait... and wait... and guess what i waited some more. Until 1am today (saturday) and then the servers are back and im gaming with the TGers finaly on this what can only be diecribed as a EPIC WIN, the GFX are beatuiful and movements are smooth but one down side :( my comps connection droppes after 1.3 rounds thats right 1.3 rounds lol, but i do not care any more because i am happy ^.^

So as i write this im leaning back my feat up on the radiator (i get cold feet at times lol) having a beer and watching team america I can happily say that BFBC2 was well worth the wait.