Well only for 2 weeks but still it better than a kick in the face from a horse on steroids true?

So its monday morning at 8:18am ive been home for 2 hours now after finishing work for 2 beautiful weeks all i have to do is pop into work to get a update on the money laundering procedures and boom im outa there.

Now as for pictures of me and family and random people at lemans all the pictures will be uploaded in my blog and i shall be packing a sign wich shall have TG on it stating that we have came and seen another place.

But what could be the most epic idea ever?

My thought is this TG Vs Le Mans endurance 24 hour, simply a group of us meet up and pack up for a long weekend to the french town of le mans for a weekend of motor sports drinking BBQs and what ever else people fancy a decent size group of us from all IHS and members supporting there fave teams/driver/s

But i also wish to know if any other TG members will be attending this legendary race?