With anticipated breath, i pre downloaded Mass Effect 2 the night before the UK steam release. Viper1986 had been kind enough to tell me that this game was amazing. Upon which i told him to shove it politely were the sun don't shine. So at release time, i restarted steam and to my joy there was no delay with playing. I got straight down to decrypting and then playing. I set up the location of my ME1 save file so i could try out the character import feature. First impressions of this game are of pure joy! the opening sequence is amazing, as well as being graphicly pleasing.:madsmile:

I finaly got into the game proper, and i must admit the first few hours playing into the early hours of the morning were wll worth it, and viper1986's verdict the night before had been spot on.!

I wont tell you any story breakers, but am i glad that archangel is in! shame i lost wrex, however the new krogan more than makes up for him!.

I'm going to stop writing here because Zach Shepard is calling to me!

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