i hate exams, no doubt most of you people here will too!
they are however a good way of assessing someone knowledge of a subject. However when i signed up for my Media course at university, i didn't realise there would be so much maths and physics involved.

i can understand for one module, i mean we have to learn about jpeg and mpeg compression and how it works.

but this other module, that i have an exam for tomorrow is getting me and the rest of my classmate in a right stress.

The sound recorder program on a PC offers three different digital audio recording formats, shown in table Q2b.

Format Sample rate Number of bits Mono/stereo
Voice 11025Hz 8 Mono
Radio 22050Hz 8 Mono
CD 44100Hz 16 Stereo

Calculate the bandwidth and dynamic range for each format. Then go on to explain why the chosen parameters are used for each of the different formats.

this is actualy one of the easy questions, and i know how to work this one out

you just use the equation bDu=20log^(number of bits) i.e 20log^255

seems simple right?
well the same equation can be used to work out voltage too. now im just confused....