*spoilers alert!!*

so today i went to see this film


otherwise known as pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

It stars, of course, Johhny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. it also stars Penelope Cruz and Ian Mcshane, who you may recognise from HBO's Deadwood series.

Now i went into the movie theatre with mixed feelings about the film. i was glad that Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom were not in the film, but i was dreading the fact that it was the 4th film. As alot of people will agree that alot of "trilogys" that start as a one off don't usually live up the the first. *cough* The Matrix *cough* but i digress..

The film started off quite good in london with the "Trial" of Jack. i guess it would have been nice to see how he ended up in london but thats not the main point. The plot during this part was quite predictable. It wasn't really Jack in the dock, he'd tied up the judge and took his place, then escaped with Gribbs only to be captured again when he thought he's made a clean getaway. To then be sat infront of the king where he escaped again. There were some moments in this part that where quite funny, but the inevitable escape, in all honestly, felt old. It was the same kind of "crazy" escape that looked like it was all improvised when in actual fact it was cleverly conceived.

We then meet Penelope, i thought this part of the film was quite good. cleverly done. A brief fight in a pub, followed by "the bad guys" (british army) storming the pub. Followed by yet another "clever" escape by jack only for him to be tranquillized.

Then after this point i thought the film got a little bit bland and predictable. There was even a point when zombies where mentioned and my only thought at that point was "here we go again with the zombie ship crew" fortunately this was glossed over and nothing more was really said about this point.

One of the pluses of this film was that there was really only one plot. in 2 and 3 there where so many sub plots and interweaving stories, that it just became confusing, so this was a refreshing relief to have to only concentrate on the one plot.

Now i dont want to spoil the entire film, but the ending for me was incredibly predictable. i wont go into details because that would spoil things!

My final point on this film is regards to the 3D, i felt that this film would be seen much better without the 3D. There was one shot in particular that i really did not like. The classic half submerged camera shot. It really doesn't work in 3D it just looks weird and uncomfortable to watch. They also couldn't resist a few shots where things came out at you. unfortunately this really didn't work well and it felt like it was in there "just because" and that ruined it for me. There are some films that just work in 3D. This is not one of them.

So to sum it up. An average film with an average plot. Good performances by the cast gives it some good points but bad 3D takes them away. overall i'd say this is a film to watch if you feel like wasting spending a couple of hours watching Johnny Depp carry a film. It most defiantly is not a must see.

My unimportant rating for this film is 6.5/10