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I didn't think I had a reputation that needed to be hidden and/or improved.

You made my point though by saying you would follow Cougar based on his rep, not you current impression of his CO abilities in-game.

The idea is to see if you can go CO, gain control of the team and win.

I honestly can't say that I think playing as CallousDisregard would have made that much difference in the long run, but I know it would have given me better control of the armor at the start of the round.
Zebra called me out the round before and I'm pretty sure he knew it was me all round.
I kept telling him that zebras weren't actual, they were painted horses.

My point was to see how well you did based on ability alone.
A scrim is great but it isn't representative of an average game where you don't know everyone and, to me at least, part of being a PR CO is getting control of the team and admittedly that is a lot easier if you are very well known like PortableCougar.
I don't think being mean works unless you know all the SL and are trusted implicitly by them, or ....if you are Wickens and even Bill Gates fears your wrath:)

Unbalanced teams are the norm not the exception because normally the teams are basically random ( aside from Klingons ), so that is also a part of being a regular CO in PR; dealing with your noobs.
I know at the end of the round I was hopin'-n-prayin' that Zebra had at least 3 or 4 lost wandering noobs to counterbalance my 2 that were wandering around the top of the map doing nothing.

I should have made an exception for Star because there is no way he could conceal his voice even if his connection didn't chew his sound up so bad.

PS: There is no practical limit I'm aware of to how many screen-names you can have, you just need a new e-mail w/ each one.
If you are a supporting member, just go to BF2 stats ( http://bf2s.com/ ) put in your name and get the ID # to plug into your profile.

I want to make clear that Pinkely Taurus is a really funny name if you say both words together quickly.
Is this like my private journal ?
I can't write for shyt but maybe that is how it's supposed to look on an internet forum.