I remember a lil bit
This game kicks ass
But ya'll need to be just a tiny bit mkore polite and nice
I know
yer leet
But not everyone is
So if you are...or think you are...a leet squadleeeder.
#1 lesson ...give an order ........then check and make sure it is obeyed
to many leet clan types ....give vague orders ...run off by themselves ....then start freaking out cuz they are in the **** and we can't help them
if you tell a squad to follow tyou...and you get more than 50m alone .....it is YOUR FAULT
leadership is a fug of a lot more than just sounding tough and giving orders
you are a parent
the squad is your child
would you leave your child locked in a car in the hot sun ?
Well why in the name of all that is holy would you spawn, while yer squad is dead and run off ?
Time to go

I'll get better