I don't know which one of the voices came up with the idea, but it's ingenious. Ringing in the ears. Oh yeah we've all had it, how long has it lasted for you? This is 14th straight day, where I have heard ringing in my ears constantly, certain things make it subside, noisy kids, some music, but as soon as I start to think it's gone, it's back. It's starting to make work difficult. Staring at numbers all day is torture in and of itself, but a constant ringing that intensifies when things get quiet? downright painful.

Saw the doc about it, diagnosis: hard to determine cause, get hearing test, not worried unless hearing loss comes also. Hearing test is the 7th, the insanity line I teeter on most days may be a long forgotten memory by then. I know what they're waiting on those damned voices. They want me to slip, to say I'd give/do anything to make it stop, that's how they get in your mind and get you to do the things you think your ....no the things you KNOW your shouldn't.

Doc however, was more worried about my headaches, thinks they are migranes, got a muscle relaxer for that and a water pill because apparently I am having PMS and I am retaining water (bad joke, still it's pretty funny). So water pills that make me pee every hour and feel like I'm dying of thirst constantly.

I'm supposed to take the muscle relaxer when I feel a headache coming on or tensing in my shourlders and my old medicine colonopin make me sleepy and I take it when I feel stress building up and I've found those two usually coincide. So I get a nice zombie like death/zombie look/feel and I get to walk around in this haze for what seems like all day and night.

So kids, stay in shape, if your not, get in shape, or I'll trail off and not evdn finsih.