So went I went to the doc for my ears ringing, she had me get caught up on my blood work. They told me now they can email me my lab results and if I need something I can email her directly. I was stoked, I despise the front office staff at this location, after explaining to me how the previous system worked, it's no wonder my messages were never answered correctly.

Well it's not really just email, it's a website, through which I can send emails. Whatever, I should actually get my results in less than two weeks this way. So I sign up, it's got some cool features, my last 10 statements. I don't know how many it saves, but it was nice to see.

So I got an email to my contact address telling me there was an update and to log in and see it. So I did, saw my doc's notes, then the bad started. I didn't go to medical school, I barely remember the term "A1C" and I never remember what mine is. Some of the items are obvious, CHOL, HDL, etc. some I can remember from science class, NA, K, but I don't know what a high or low number means, so I spent an hour or so looking all of these up, nothing really worth noting except to satisify my own curousity. Everything was within normals except for the expected, A1C, Glucouse, Cholesterol, an odd one was potassium, but didn't think it was anything to worry about.

However, having this information at my fingertips proved to be disconcerning, from last October, my Cholesterol had gone up, after previously going down, my A1C was up after previously being down, and I saw my damned testosterone number again. This is one I've battled with for over a year now, for lack of follow up on my part, nevertheless, it's disconcerting to see that my testosterone is 204 when the normal range is 274-874 (approx. I don't have the report in front of me) I tried several gels, which is weird, you pump this clear liquid into your hands and rub it on your chest and shoulders (you can imagine the fun my friends had when I told them I rubbed a testosterone gel on my chest) and let it dry. Since it's absorbed through the skin, I had to be extra careful about hugging or touching my daughters so they didn't absorb any of it....I went as far as buying latex gloves just so I could be sure. A couple of tries at that and bi-weekly shots, I insisted on a referral to an endocronologist. I've blocked most of that from my mind, he decided on shots and because of the frequency they taught me how to do it. Well I had some weird reaction to the shot, he'd never seen anything like it, wanted me to try gels to see if I had a reaction, well I didn't have a reaction, I called to see if he wanted me to do some kind of blood work, blah blah, i never called back. So now I've decided to let my regular doc give it a try again, so tonight I should be attempting to jab myself in the leg to try this, we'll see how it goes, I'm debating video taping it to show everyone how awesome it is.... :o