Well I was going to start a thread about this in the BC2 forums, but this is really more of just a rant and I don't need an entire discussion on the subject, just to present my opinions on the subject and a blog entry seemed more appropriate for that as opposed to a discussion thread.

If you're going to take it upon yourself to dictate the actions of the entire team, do us a favor and act as you would if you were a commander in any of the other BF franchise games we play here at TG. How about not fighting for starters. OK, no I don't expect that, but don't give orders in the middle of a firefight, first, you are going to be biased, yes, your firefight seems to be the most important because that's where you are, by telling everyone to help defend your position, you may see that there is only 5 people there and the other 11 people on their team is moving through on the other side of the map. Oh we should know this, yeah if you're acting as commander, you shouldn't assume that we do.

If you're insisting that the whole team come back to reinforce your squad, first remember how many times you've told us that your squad had that position covered and to move out and take other flags. Yes if you're telling me the entire enemy is at your flag and I see all but me and the one other guy in my squad are the only two not there, yes I am going to go to try and take another flag, your flag is not the only flag and is not the most important key flag. Don't criticise me in TS about my actions. It may lead to me not even logging into Teamspeak anymore if I see you are in TS or I may switch sides just to avoid being in TS with you.

Not commander related, I'm just on a TS roll:

Oh if you're going to whine and complain that we need more medics, how about actually playing as a medic yourself??? I don't want to hear, "OMG we need more medic work people!!!" When all of my points from that round come from reviving and healing, I'm third on the board and my KDR is 4/28, this pisses me off and I might decide the next round instead of benefitting my team and doing all of the revives, I will come in assault, or recon since I haven't even unlocked the first unlock in these classes because I've tried to play as a medic since no one else ever seems to. I may just rage quit if I hear you scream that we need more medics then see you spawn in as an assault again.

If you demand smoke when a squad mate and I unloaded enough smoke 2 minutes before to make the MCOMs look like the setting for Stephen King's 'The Mist' I will TK you until you quit, even if it means being banned from TG (no admins I won't, just that upsetting to me).

Can we just quit the mother f***ing bitching about snipers, first off it's a Recon class, they don't only have sniper rifles and can be very effective. and for f***s sake, don't bitch about so many snipers/recons then 10 minutes later be bitching that we need more recon balls out. Do you not realize how idiotic you sound??

Just because someone doesn't have TG tags on that doesn't make them a pubbie, can we stop using that word? I've heard that team thrown around so much it makes me want to scream and TK my entire team and ashamed to wear the TG tags.

Also just because you don't like a tactic, there is no reason to cuss and bitch about how cheap a tactic like C4ing the MCOM or rocketing the MCOM is. If you think it's wrong or goes against the spirit of the game, TS isn't the place to discuss it, take it to the admins and talk to them about it because I think your childish TS attitude is inappropriate and chances are if I have FRAPs running, I will make a movie of it and submit it to the admins to take appropriate action. I just have to find the time....you should read this rant as knowing I have had the time and didn't feel like I could use any of the footage because of all of the BS being said in TS and bringing back all of the anger I felt during those rounds.