well, not really, but I'm sick of the lack of attention to details and lack of communication from MY doctors.

I posted about the ringing in the ears and the headaches a few weeks ago, doc gave me muscle relaxers to hopefully isolate and stop the headaches from becoming migraines. Got the hearing test, she said it was fairly normal, my ears could hear all the tones and hear them above 25db, just one frequency I had about a 15db difference between the left and right ear, the next frequency they matched again. I explained that some of the quieter tones blended in with my ringing and I had to close my eyes and concentrate to hear them.

Last Wednesday, I get a headache around 2pm, take the meds, doesn't help, I go home, play some BC2, the noise helps the ringing and try to go to bed. It gets worse and it's midnight so I figure what the heck it's close enough to 12 hours and take another pill and lay down, usually these pills (zanaflex) make me just want to sleep, I have to fight it off at work....this time, nothing. Temples are throbbing, the ringing in my ears become a deafening squealing, my ears are now throbbing and it makes the headache worse. I hooked up headphones to some soft soothing music to try to drown out the ringining and sleep, no go, I sleep less than two hours, wake up, head still throbbing, this goes on until 10pm that night. That day I emailed my doc (she tells me how much better it is for communicating....HA) and give her all the details. I also let her know about the results of the hearing test and say if they dont' have a copy, i'll send mine. This was another thing, the hearing center that my doc referred me to, is in the same parking lot as my doctor's office, there are less than 7 businesses in this little business park. The hearing center asks who my doctor is, and I tell them. They have no idea who she is...fine...I say, she's is the American Health Network building, just behind this building and I point, she looks at me like she has no idea what I'm talking about. (This comes into play today, along with my offer to send my doc, my copy of the test).

The response I get, "to ENT --MH"

What?? What does that mean? I assume she wants me to see an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, but doesn't mention a referral, who I should call, etc. I write back asking basically WTH? and got an appointment for the following Wednesday (today).

My doc writes back saying that yes she wants me to see an ENT specialist and is having her nurse make the appointment. I dont' respond, the nurse writes me at the end of the day with a June 3rd appointment and I have to have another hearing test done. I tell her I got an appointment with Dr. McDonald for May 19th because I though Monica wanted me to make the appintment myself and to cancel my appointment. I gave them the information on where I was going and asked them to send a copy of my hearing test to them.

Why have email for quick responses, if you won't take three minutes to write something comprehensible?

Anyways, I go to the ENT today, blah, blah, this and that, blah, blah. I mention they were supposed to send my hearing test over, because i see him looking for it. He leaves for awhile, comes back and says they can't find it and they spent some time looking for it, so I can either wait for them to find it and they can call me or we can go get another hearing test (oh wait, it's in the same office...wonder why he made sure it was my choice but....). He tells me that it might take a few days before they get the report to him and he can call me. Completely up to me, "It seems like you're wanting to get this taken care of sooner rather than later. I can't really give you my schpeel without the test results." I do it. Same office, just about three doors down, I get hooked up, same tests, slightly different results, instead of my left ear coming back in line with my right ear after the discrepancy, it went past the "normal" line of 25db. So then I get the doctor's speach....which amounted to, ringing is sometimes associated with hearing loss, those that get ringing in the ears, usually have it for their entire life, don't believe the crap being peddled on TV or radio. There is a $4600 device that has shown to help some people with the ringing....I'm not paying that. Now I'm sorry, but what could he have seen to have made him say, "OMG" this is what it is, take this pill and be done.

I guess you live and learn, nevermore will I blindly follow my doctor's advice. There's more, but I'm tired and I don't feel like writing anymore.