So yesterday, I was dealing with some massive Mid-abdomen and right side pelvic pain. Emailed my doc, she said I should see my urologist since from what I described it sounded kidney stone related.

The pelvic pain was the worst, every time I stood up at work to go do something (yes, I care so little about my health I went to work and even waited to call my doc until later in the day because of my current work load) and when I lifted my right leg to take a step, sharp, red hot pain exploded in a very specific spot. I had to brace myself for my first few steps. Went home and laid on the couch all night, ended up running a 100.5 temperature.

I'm thinking great, it takes me weeks to get an appointment with him. I look up their number and find out they work emergencies into their schedule!!! woohoo!!! Well I didn't get in yesterday, but got in and had x-rays done this morning and saw my doc. Well no blood in my urine and no stone on the x-ray. I think, great, no stone and I'm in just as much pain as when I had stones in the past. Doc wants me to get a CT scan done, said sometimes the gas in the body can hide a stone from the xray.

Now I have had 4 stones in the past, followed up with this same doctor since the second one, I was just in two weeks ago to see him. I've never went to see him when I actually had the stone, but every time since the first I've known when I had a stone. I had to ask for pain, I was sort of upset that I had to ask, but I've been thinking about it and they didn't see a stone, I know they can't be too careful and they did give me a script for something, so I am actually thinking I am probably lucky that they looked and realized I wasn't just trying to get meds from them and gave me something to help me out. So we'll see if this is stone #5 tomorrow or see what else I have to do to find out what is causing this pain.

I'm taking suggestions for names if this turns out to be a kidney stone, my co-workers have been calling every one of my stones, "Bob the boulder" I'm thinking it's time to change that, the original stone was about 9 years ago, so I'm ready for a change :) I'll post a pic of one of my stones if interested.