So I'm back at work today and I'm wondering why some people even bother with pleasantries.... Seriously, I just had surgery last week, I don't feel great. I'm at work because I have to, not because I feel awesome and want to be back. I know it seems silly to have that bother me, but the people that care don't ask the cookie cutter question and have their own variations, such as, "How is your pain?" "Has the amount of pain gotten better since the surgery?"

Those that simply ask, "How are you feeling?" don't really care, every one of those that asked me that, I answered with, "Better" or "hit and miss" and before I could say anything else, they'd go into what work they needed from me.

It seems pointless to me, you can't believe I think you care or that anyone else believes that you care. Just say, "Hey, glad to see you back at work!" or "Glad to see you're well enough to be back"

I just can't stand fake people....guess I should be more forgiving.