Well, Sunday was :)

Friday not much was going on, stayed up too late playing Resident Evil 5. Needed a break from BC2. Was up until 4am.

Saturday was a waste, I made the mistake of carrying my kids to bed only two weeks after having my appendix out. So I paid for it Saturday, abdomen was killing me, had to pop Norcos all day long, which meant basically sleeping all day. I promised my girls that if they walked up to stairs and didn't make me carry them, I'd take them to church the next morning (my kids are weird, what can I say, I always fought my mom to go to church, but my girls like it), and to the Children's Museum. For those that don't know I live in Indiana and I've heard our Children's Museum is considered one of the best :) 472,000 square feet of fun stuff for my kids :) So they went to bed well and played RE5 until about 4am again

Sunday..OMG!! What a long day...my youngest decided to "help" me my pressing snooze on my alarm clock from 7:15 until about 8:30, with church being 20 minutes away, we weren't making 9:00 am mass. I got ready, let my girls dress themselves (which can be entertaining, but they dressed normal) and left at about 9:20 to go to church. My wife was supposed to be selling gift cards for the school, but her morning sickness had kicked in HARD. We saw some of my girl's classmates, so they entertained themselves, I sold $505 worth of gift cards (that's A LOT-for an after mass sale). I thanked God when we left for not striking me down as I walked into our out of the church. Then the Children's Museum after driving by daddy's office. We went to ride the carousel first (a 90 year old original carousel with all the original horses, benches, lions, etc.), then to the Barbie exhibit. The exhibits are always top notch, but they had a runway setup, with flash camera's, music, a "DJ" booth, where you could scratch records, etc. My girls made me sit in the "audience" and I wasn't allowed backstage where they changed and got ready.

Then we went to the 43 foot tower of Fireworks of Glass, airplane trip to Egypt, Dinosphere, watched the water clock change to 3pm, then spent way too much money on food at the museum and made the mistake of walking through the gift store, nothing ruins a good trip like a gift store and having to tell your kids "no" 55 times in the span of 5 minutes. Then explaining why they don't need 30 cellphones and then being corrected and being told they only have 10.

Then we went to the mall and hit the arcade. My kids loved it, they sat on my lap and we played Mario Kart, Indy 500 cars, some Japanese card game that was a total rip off!!, but they enjoyed, crane games. My oldest saw a pink gun on one of the machines and asked if she could play it, I said, sure, your mom's gonna be mad at me, but what the hell. I didn't help her much since I didn't want her playing it too long, but she did fairly well, kinda scary (this is the same girl who at eighteen months was watching Scarface with me (me thinking she won't remember any of this) and started laughing anytime someone got killed with a shotgun...daddy got in trouble for that one. They watched me play Rambo and Ghost Squad. I promised them cookies, but it was 6:15pm and apparently everything closed at 6pm. So I stopped at Kroger on the way home and bought them a huge iced cookie that we ate, we stopped and washed my car and finally got home around 7:30.... We were gone from 9:30am to 7:30pm, that was one hell of a long day for me. Figured today was going to hurt, but I wasn't done :)

I put the kiddos to bed, we're moving sometime so we have all of these boxes and my youngest loves laying in it through the day, so I asked her if she wanted to sleep in it....so she's been sleeping in it like a hobo for 3 days now, freaking hilarious.

Washed all of my clothes (only one load, don't get excited), did a load for my wife and girls for today. Washed some dishes. Made my wife take some Benedryl and go get some sleep since she was still sick and I had to work today and wouldn't be home to take care of her. Half cleaned the kitchen. Scooped the kitty litter....I hate, but since my wife is pregnant I now have to scoop it. Cleaned the living and game room and vacuumed (1:30 am). Then played RE5 again until 4am and 7am came WAY too early :D