So I took a break from BC2 to play RE5, I bought the game a couple of months ago along with Assassin's Creed 2. To be completely honest, I read an article on where the author used the fact that after you beat the game you get to dress up your female partner in a scantically clad outfit. That article is here. However be warned, there are lots of pictures with blurred breasts and probably lots of curse words.

I've never played a Resident Evil game on the PC and I've only played RE 1 & 2, I stopped because I got sick of opening door sequences and backtracking half the world to place a statue somewhere. I bought this game because of the controversey over the African setting and the white protagonist killing hoards of Africans and had to see if it was really that bad. So I went into this expecting a lot of what I had played in RE 1 and 2. Third person, fixed camera, very limited ammunition, etc.

The game has been out long enough I don't feel a plot summary is necessary, plus it's Resident Evil, Umbrella corporation is evil, there are zombies, you have to kill them :)

Non-game menu navigation:
Having to use the keyboard to navigate screens isn't a complete necessity (like the beginning of Borderlands where you have to press enter, no clicking, physically pressing the enter key) You can click anywhere on the screen and it usually replaces the function of pressing enter. Normal options to adjust screen resolution, AA, AF, etc. nothing new or exciting in this department. I find it odd that once I get to the main title screen I have to click somewhere or press enter to get the options to start the game, see bonus items, customize or quit. Some options available here I will discuss further in the gameplay section since they directly effect how you can play the game.

Gameplay-movement and general:
Gameplay for RE5 is still via a 3rd person view, however, the camera is not static, it's like having a hovering camera about two feet behind your head recording your movements. I never ran into a problem with camera angles or views. You play with a partner, I will discuss her in the Co-Op section later. The one problem I did have was not having the ability to fire my weapon or throw a grenade without right-clicking. The game is divided into (5?) chapters, each chapter is divided into three parts and each of these parts has several saves and checkpoints. There is no saving of the game where ever you want. If you die, you will start at the last checkpoint, however before starting again, you will have the option to upgrade your weapons and sell any treasures you have found. Use this, upgrading weapons can make a huge difference. The H&K MP5 can have the damage increased from 60 per shot to 120+ per shot and the magazine can be increased to hold from 45round to hold 150 rounds. I played on normal difficulty and while I didn't usually run out of ammo, I wasn't overflowing with it either. You also have a machette, which isn't of much use, unless you're breaking open crates or helping your partner. By default, preassing T does a quick swipe, but if you hold down the space bar you can rotate and attack using your machette (it's NOT effective). Also, the game has dumb quick time sequence events, luckily they aren't very long and if you die, when you continue, you start at the beginning of the sequence. (Tip: sometimes these occur during a long cut scene and intertwine with the story line, however, after you complete the sequence you can press escape and jump to a few seconds before the next sequence saving some time)
Gameplay-Shooting (non-sniper rifle):
In order to attack enemies you have to right click, which causes your character to bring their weapon up to their shoulder and you then get a crosshair, at the beginning of the game, this seems to take forever. After awhile, you get used to how long this takes and can adjust your gameplay fairly easily. As with most RE games, you don't really 'run' you walk faster, but there is no run. Most 'infected' (they aren't zombies and some do move fairly quickly) move slowly, however those that move faster, the walk fast will enable you to get into a position where you can raise your weapon and engage them.
Gameplay-Shooting (sniper rifle):
Now the sniper rifles are a completely different animal. When you right click, you get a sniper scope view. I had problems where once I was zoomed in with the scope, it never seemed to be where I thought it should be. The handguns, machine guns and shotguns always seemed to be right in the center of the screen where my character and I were looking, the sniper rifle always seemed to be off in the upper right hand corner of what was the center of my screen. Sometimes the scope would be zoomed in and sometimes it wouldn't, it did not seem to follow how I had used it previously. Most rifles are bolt action, which leads to an animation where your character uses the bolt to eject and chamber the next round, then you go back to the scope mode. This time the scope would be where it previously was, but it was just a bit distracting to go from a scope view, to a third person view, right back into a scoped view and if you let go of the right mouse button any of this time, you have the inital problem of the sights being off. The Dragunov SVD is semi-automatic and only leaves the scoped view if you have to reload.
Gameplay-Inventory Screen:
You have two inventories. One that you can access during the missions. You have 9 slots, I typically dumped all of my excess items onto my partner, essentically making her an extention of my backpack. You bring up the inventory screen during the game using the E key, now the game doesn't stop when you do this, you can and will be attacked if you're using the E key to switch weapons or heal yourself. You can use the 1-9 number keys to quickly switch to the items in your inventory. Now, an herb (used for healing if not familiar with RE) takes up one slot, a rocket launcher takes up one slot. I saw someone complaining about this on a review of the game and thought it was worth mentioning. Ammunition takes up a slot, I don't know the limits for all the ammo before it takes up another slot, but I know the handgun ammo is limited to 50 rounds before taking up another 150 rounds of handgun ammo will take up 3 inventory slots (besides what is held in the handgun) The second inventory can be accessed between Chapters and the subchapters or when you select continue after dieing. This is useful if you don't want to carry around the Grenade launcher and only want to use it if you die on a particulary difficult boss, you can put all of your handguns, machine guns, eggs, etc and only take weapons and first aid spray with you to battle the boss.
Let's face it, the game should let us save where ever we want, but it's a port from a console so we can't. This does allow for the ability to well really kind of cheat, but it's a single player so we're talking about cheating yourself, no one else. Be careful with how you use this, I wanted to switch my partner to a differnt handgun, hoping she could be more helpful to me, I had spent a lot of money upgrading her handgun, but the others looked to have better potential. Knowing how the game had acted previously, I sold off her upgraded handgun and bought a new one and upgraded it as much as possible, then started the next level, well there wasn't any real action at first, but a button sequence, well as soon as I got through this it auto saved and saved my current inventory configuration and well I was screwed and had to start working on upgradine the new handgun, you get 10% of the purchase price of weapons and 25% of upgrades...yeah that hurt. Now on the final boss I completely ran out of ammunition, had nothing but my knife. I had no clue how I was going to continue, by continuing, I had 30 rounds of MG ammo, nothing in inventory, not enough to buy a MG and sell it to keep the ammo. While looking through a walkthrough I discovered you can go to Chapter select in the menu and replay any chapter/subchapter you've completed with your current weapon loadout AND if you choose to save your loadout when you exit the Chapter/game (even before a checkpoint), your money/treasures and weapons are saved. There is a level, I switched to Ameatur and started to replay it, I got it to where I could run through to a certain point in about 10 minutes and collect $21,000 in money/treasures and pick up typically 20-30 rounds of MG ammo. This allowed me to fully upgrade some of my weapons and carry additional ammo into the final boss round, which I still had to finish on Ameatur and not Normal - :(