So stupid me thought Father's day was supposed to be about you once you had your own kids. Apparently, it's about your wife getting to wake you up early so she doesn't have to take the kids to church with her, then coming home and NOT going to the movies with you when you take the kids to see Toy Story 3 in 3D, then stopping by to see your stepdad for < one hour before going to eat at a cheap buffet and celebrate Father's day with her dad, who we just happened to see the previous day at a cousin's birthday party. Getting to drive an hour away to go to this cheap buffet and getting the kids home an hour past bedtime.

I actually had a pretty descent time at the buffet and with her dad and sister, was just disappointed that I've stepped up (despite the extra hours at work that I've been working) to help her with housework since we've found out she was pregnant and has been having some issues with morning sickness and a day that was supposed to be about/for me I wasn't even asked what I wanted to do. I've been keeping up on all of the dishes, having them cleaned and put away, keeping trash bagged up and out of the house when it's full, 80% of the laundry is done and put away, I scoop the damn litter boxes every other day, pick up the house when I get home, put kids to bed....I guess I should bitch and moan about how much I do so she realizes it, but I think that's silly, if she doesn't notice, she doesn't care, it doesn't change what needs to be done. Now before I get ripped on saying this is what men should be doing, my wife works part time through the school year and has been off work since school let out, call me a pig, but if she's home, she should be doing laundry, cleaning and taking care of the kids. I take over every weekend, my kids play well together and if you stay on them a little, they clean their messes.

I guess what really got to me was seeing posts on facebook. I endured through the mother's day posts of, "Mother's day, the one time a year a mom get to do what dad's do every other day" I just knew there would be comments about father's day, but I couldn't believe the tiny amount of Happy Father's day posts I saw and how many were adjusted to include extra thanks to the moms that have to be the dad and mom in a family. Seriously??? I was raised by a single parent, my mom, even when they were married, my dad was an OTR truck driver, he was gone 6 months out of the year. My mom never played the part of my father, she's a woman, she can't be my dad. If you're a single parent and you are trying to play both roles, you're doing it wrong. You can't be both, you can only be the best parent you can be. I guess I was spoiled by my mother's selfless attitude towards being a parent. She wasn't perfect and was stressed beyond belief which caused her to yell more than she needed to, but she just tried to do the best she could.

I've gone off on a tangent, but give thanks to the dads that deserve the thanks, don't detract from the one day we get acknowledged for our contribution to raising our kids and trying our best to be good parents and husbands.