First a BIG thanks to everyone who chipped in for my MDA bail money, it was greatly appreciated. It greatly reduced the amount of time I spent pleasuring 'Bubba' before I was released.

This isn't really a blog post about anything, but if you expected more...I'm not sorry, you should know better by now. If you're new...lesson learned.

Let's see, oh I got a spinal tap a few weeks ago, good Lord was that an experience, have to have it done under x-ray, felt the local go in, never felt the needle go into my spine, I endured some minor pains here and there, but my right knee started this ungodly painful burning, so I ask the doc if pain like this was normal....'tell me if it's uncomfortable' (um, isn't the fact that I'm mentioning it mean it's uncomfortable, so I endure some more, then I say it's too much, he checks the depth of the needle and he's not saying much. The nurse sees the sweat pouring off my face and puts an ice pack on my neck right on my skin....ahhhhh relief. The nurse sees that I'm in pain and asks a few times how I am, I lie and say 'ok' then i feel a blunt pressure a few times in my buttock twitches, my right foot twitches and the pain gets worse. I say it's too much and he says, 'well I could poke on you for another hour and get maybe another cc of fluid, but I think I have enough for them to do the tests they need. If they need more you'll have to come back. I've done this long enough and I don't think poking around on you for another hour is worth it." I'm thinking no crap, nice of you to tell me before you go just poking around in my spine.....oh and the kicker, he got over 8ccs of fluid out of me, my neurologist was impressed.. ?!?!?!

So this was all for my headaches...spinal pressure was elevated, but not abnormal. So neuro doc tells me to keep my eye doctor appointment, there was ONE doctor in the state he wanted me to see and since she only works parttime I had to wait like 6 weeks to get an appointment. He is looking for swelling of my optic nerve from the pressure in my skull. So I go and get there at 8:10am (over an hour drive from my house) at 9:10 I ask if there is a problem with my appointment, the front desk gets on the phone, blah, blah, they hang up and oh what do you know, my name is called...I saw her patient list when they checked me was me at 8:00am nothing until 9am and then a 9:30, the 9am had been called back already, I saw the doc in with her while I was in the second waiting room (more later). So I go back and some fresh out of college med kid is there and I basically get a normal eye appointment checkup, then I'm put in another waiting room, I'm there 40 minutes. She wants to check my peripheral vision, no biggie I've had those done before, except this lasted 30 minutes, you know how big of a PITA it is looking into a dimly lit dome looking for a little white dot in your peripheral vision??? So then I get put back into the second waiting room....well hallway really. Wait 20 minutes, they want to dilate my eyes. So drops and back to the hallway to wait on them to kick in (20 minutes) then a good 10 minutes of a magnified light shining in my eyes, back to the waiting hallway and now I can't even read my phone, but it was about another 20 minutes and she says there's no swelling of my optic nerve, in fact, with the swelling that was on my MRI she wants a photograph of my eye to prove that they looked fine in case something came up onto waiting room #3 and I'm there for about 30 minutes, I didn't end up leaving there until after 12:30, work wasn't happy my eye doc appointment took that long.

So now I get to try different meds to try and get the headaches under control, they put me on an anti-depressant and it's actually been working, I'm happily surprised....go me (or rather pharmaceuticals, but I don't want to look like an addict :D )

Other than that, just busy at work, not that anyone knows where I work, but nothing I can talk about. My oldest started Kindergarten...absolutely LOVES it. youngest started Pre-K...LOVES it....My oldest is starting to get upset with me because I take them to school and we've been late the last two days...oops :)

Oh yeah, tomorrow is no pants Thursday, I fully expect pictures from everyone!!