So a friend sent me a video through facebook--WARNING LANGUAGE

which I found hilarious. I usually don't make comments on videos, well because it's youtube, however there was a post saying how horrible the kids were and that they must have no self worth because they are singing the most degrading rap song ever made. It was the typicall troll post, all caps, leet speek, etc. but against my better judgement I posted the following comment.


No one will take you seriously until you first learn where the caps lock button is and then learn how to type your words out.

U = you

2 = to etc.

As for the most degrading song in rap? Have you never heard "Me so Horny"
at 12:30 today I got four notifications that she posted on my profile, I read the first then deleted the rest, over my lunch hour I was bombarded by email notifications saying she commented on my profile, end total 34 profile messages and 3 emails.

Normally this would piss me off, but I found it hysterical, so I went to post a message on her profile and SHE BLOCKED ME. It's a pretty funny read if anyone is interested.