Alright for those that don't have facebook, I thought I would give TG the opportunity to participate in 'creeper week' since the persona of creepy Catman and the facebook group 'The Catman Cometh' originated here :)

Starting Friday the 10th through Friday the 17th, any followers of the catman are welcome to participate in creeper week, which is a week devoted to creeping other people out. Submit your stories here (or on facebook-obviously you need to friend me or be a member of the group) pictures/video get bonus points and I've decided the best creeper will get a prize. I don't know what the prize will be, it will probably not be of significant value, otherwise my wife would wonder how I raised the funds to give away an awesome gift. She doesn't know I leave work at 4pm and work doing 'special' favors in our garage parking lot.

So please participate :D

Oh yeah, I do have a account and have started broadcasting such riveting things as my drive home (NSFW due to music) and driving my children to school.

it's sporadic and not great due to shooting video into the sun, I may turn the camera around when the kids are in the car, but no one wants to see my actual face live :D