Blah blah, something about being busy, blah, blah, going to spend more time here, blah, blah....I know you don't want lip service :) But it's the best I can do right now.

If I'm squad leader, things are going to go badly, expect to revive me constantly and to die a LOT.

If you don't learn to say no, eventually someone is going to...ummm... take "advantage" of you *wink* *wink*

Don't grow a beard, once you have one, people will say you look funny without it, then you're stuck with it forever... FOREVER!

When the cat is away, the mice plan his elimination.

Sometimes, depression is your only friend.

Everyone will let you down at some point in your life, learn to forgive them and forgive yourself, then move on.

Always double check your work, then check it again.

Always check your employee's work....don't get yelled at for someone else's screw up.

Don't follow me, I have no idea where I'm going. :)