Have you ever heard of Shadowrun?
Click through for the wikipedia article, but in brief, Shadowrun is a near-future universe where magic, cybernetics, and general chaos coexist. Think elves with ocular implants. Street samurai with implants that let them spit cobra venom at enemies. Oh, and dragons. Of course there'd be dragons.

The setting has been around for a while, but now it's back, and in a massive way. Jordan Weisman, the man who created Shadowrun, has gotten the IP rights back, and has set out to make another Shadowrun computer game.

This is where you come in.
Shadowrun Returns is the Kickstarter project Jordan has started almost a month ago. With 65 hours left to go, the project has been funded at 382%, or 1.529 *million* dollars. Since the original target has been hit, the team has been adding stretch goals. We're now up to having the game be released on PC, Mac, and Linux. The composer who did the original music for the SNES version of the game is being brought back onboard to do the music for this one. There will be two cities for the game to take place instead of just one. Oh, and they'll be releasing a level editor for people who want to create their own scenarios.

A dollar lets you support the project, but a mere $15 buys you a copy of the game, with the target release date of January 2013.

So, what are you waiting for?