Hello everyone, my name is Cody Price - I turn 18 in around two weeks. I love the way realism is played. I was in a realism clan in the days of Call of Duty 2 when realism mods were beginning to become popular. Most or all of them now are completely gone. So basically realism and tactics are blind to the gaming world. At-least, that's what I thought. I watched a dozen of TG Arma videos and was very impressed. I am now wanting to save up and buy the Arma 2 pack just to game with you guys. Could you comment below and tell me how I could get in on this type of stuff. Is there any kind of training I could participate in or anything cause those look like so much fun.

Personal Info
You know my name.. and how old I am and will be.. I do have a girlfriend and we have had a daughter together -- she turned 5 months old a couple of days ago.. I go to college pretty soon and I should have a job in about two weeks.

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