(Maybe posting this will bite me in the butt. Maybe it will. Let's see.)

Here's an email I just sent to a college student who presumed to start and run a MilSim ArmA clan using a name that's famous in military history.
I think his senior ranks are setting up little better than a gang of smarmy thugs, under the guise of military culture. Which makes my skin creep. So ...


Captain Xyyyyy - I don't talk about "victory". When it comes up, I say that I'm not an officer.

I say I'm a grunt. I talk about success.

Thinking things through (see "I replied to "Ethnology of Gaming Communities" NB: "Ethology of" is a blog post by E-Male here in TG.) I find myself feeling that I failed the Division.
I've failed before. I'll fail again.
But I don't blow things off. I do not terminate communications. I don't ignore.
(2+2=4 ... regardless of personal preference. That's non-negotiable. Those who argue with the above are my class enemies.)

The ArmA video (from whatever mod) of 2 black guys beating and raping a long-haired white kid? I objected, but didn't push it.
The TS avatar of someone holding a knife to a young woman's throat? (URL on request) I objected, and pressed it a bit.
Insisting that I ignore it? that I find it funny? That's unacceptable.

Bottom line: I failed.
Did I hurt the Division? probably not. But I didn't do any good, either. And I felt that I had something to contribute. So I failed.

"Down" is where things fall when you drop them. 2+2=4 is one of the laws of the universe as we know them.
Those will never let me down. In them i can trust.
And in 1st SGT? maybe one of these days. that's been my hope for a long, long time.

Always Forward

p.s. Wasn't just Mnnnnn getting rewarded for ding-bat stupid behaviour; Rsssssss is rewarded for being dumb-YouKnowWhat cocky too. In my book the opposite is what we're here for. And the list goes not. Not a huge list. Not a list of doom. Just things we shouldn't ignore, when we're on the dot. Is all. Now I'm done.

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