Last night I took a break from playing pvp PR. I hopped on a COOP server with one side being all human players and the other side being only bots. The map was Lashkar valley and it was the German forces vs. The Taliban.

As I used various kits and had my squad on a mountain hill I switched kits with a player, he was the AR and I was the sniper originally. I took the AR, maxed out the ammo and deployed the gun on a rock ledge and waited for the Hordes of Talibano's to appear.

As I opened up on the poor Talibano's, mowing them down one by one or sprayed from left to right knocking them down, I joke with my squad with the following reference:

"This reminds me when I was a German World War II machine gunner fighting the Polish."

I got some laughs and then some more laughs after some of the players put 2 and 2 together in regards to the WW2 reference.

From time to time I've said similar references on TG's PR server, for example as the IDF in Beirut while taking incoming mortar rounds and fighting in the city. -
"This Reminds me of Beirut '85, when I was in the USMC."
Or Fighting against the Chinese on Qwai during some intense cqb within the main government center/city area -
"This makes me think of Tet '68."