Went to see Source Code on Friday. The first trailer I saw was interesting, the second one, kind of lost my attention but at the same time it kind of reminded me of Inner Space......

Anyways I was pleasantly surprised, like "Taken" it was a quick, straight to the point movie with no extra added mumbo jumbo. The movie is 1 hr 34 minutes, and makes me think of the movies in the mid - late 80's that were of this length but also had a strong cast and were popped into movies and on video quickly and easily......- Those were the days, it seemed they started to dwindle in the mid 90's, - Thanks Titanic.

Without giving too much away, Jake Gylenhal, who btw I was not really happy to see when i first saw the trailer, I am not a fan of the Book Jarhead, and I really did not like, enjoy or think he did a good job in the movie adaptation, ironically I did like Jaime Foxx, and I am not a real big fan of him either (only other movie I can stand with him is "The Kingdom which has a really good firefight sequence."

JG is a Army Pilot who during his tour in Afghanistan wakes up to find that he is in a program where he has 8 minutes to go back in time so to speak and figure out who planted a bomb on a commuter train which is headed towards downtown Chicago, each time he goes back more strain is put on him, and on the capsule which he finds himself in.

That is all I am mentioning regarding the movie, you have to go see it to find out what else is there......The movie is worth the money, it really is a quick good straight to the point film with a good cast and a good plot that does make you think in the end.

Did I mention its a good date movie?