Hopefully these links work, I can't do the image thingy facebook wont allow it, and unless photo's are on photobucket I can't upload them to TG.

Anyways, these are photo's of me from FireFighter 1 and Firefighter Survival that my instructor sent.

It is ALOT more physical work than I ever thought, this past Thursday when I thought I was going to get in 4 hours of PR @ PRTA and TG, I helped fight a brush fire in the woods behind some peoples houses.....It was interesting don't get me wrong, especially when one of the Captains said "Setup a perimeter, don't spray any water on anything smoldering or on fire in the black area, be defensive but don't worry about the stuff in the black, worry about your perimeter and the defensive line"

Humping 80-100lbs of water IS HEAVY!!!!!!

But I felt like a day labrorer, raking and shoveling, and all in all it was something I had never done before.

The kicker was when the County PD hooked a bambi bucket (basically a huge water bucket) on the bottom of the Police Helo which ironically is the police version of the Bell OH-58 aka the Kiowa. The Police version used is the Bell 407 and there are some obvious differences between the two.

Was there really a need for the bambi bucket to be used and that water to be dropped? No, not at all, was it cool to watch? Hell Yeah and it gave thecounty cops something to do (they don't do much, I'm serious they don't do much at all).

Anyways back on topic, I ramble like Muhammad Ali shakes while playing Jenga.

Here are the pictures, this is me completing a "wall breach", after performing a "dolphin dive" and getting through the small breached opening:


This is from firefighter survival, where you go headfirst down a ladder then move your hands to the left of right side on the rung and the closet hand to the side swings up to a rung towards the top and you spin yourself around. - I'm serious, it is a really cool thing to do, I was surprised myself.

This is from the Firefighter Blacked out Masked Confidence Course. This is from my fourth and final time, though the training does sink in and the photos of me going through that small opening with the plastic cargo net thingy is me performing the "full escape" maneuver where you take off the pack entirely while making sure you don't let go of the left strap and the regulator air hose. After pushing the pack through the opening so you can get through you then have to put the pack on again - This is where undoing the straps fully comes into play so you can get it back on safely, quickly and without wasting air/getting frustrated.


The pictures of the fire, I can't honestly say I am in any of them but if you look at the class photos I am the guy on the right side of the black guy