First off if you haven't read any of Paine's Blogs starting in February with "Week 1" I highly recommend that you do. I just read week 1 & 9 Its very well written, informative and above all interesting!

It also shows that its not only the physical that is demanding but also the mental.

So if you have a iphone or itouch (favorite of all priests, Sheiks not so much), you know that there is no flash player unless you jailbreak your phone.

With that, and with my fondness of watching *extended streaming trailers* (- PM me if you don't understand) i have begun a journey within the Iphone Safari browser world to find more, and to see if the streaming quality is even worth it since the screen isn't the largest thing in the world.

Now if I am breaking any code of conduct blogging about this please send me a warning and not an infraction, I will gladly delete all.

I have stumbled upon 2 sites that offer streaming quality and I will be glad to share them with you however I will not publicly share them because even though it is streaming and not downloading I don't want to offend anyone or the heads of TG for that matter.

Video quality is remarkably awesome, from the few extended trailers I have seen, both in HD and non HD format.

Want to know something funny?

It took me longer to find streaming extended trailers than it did for me to find streaming adult content. Those people in the adult industry were ready to go before the iphone was launched. Now mind you they are losing tons of money, but literally the second the Iphone 3G came out, mobile sites were already set up......

Back on topic, you can blame my ramblings on Coffee, nestea powdered red drink and two big bites of a solid Dove Easter Bunny.

Will Flash ever be released on the Iphone or BlackBerry? (is it on the android?, how is the quality, frame rate?) I could see it possibly be in the future, but my thoughts is that if Flash is released and available the laptop industry will go completely down the tubes. Why you ask? Because what do you need a laptop for when your PDA does everything your laptop can do?

Obviously there are other legal ramifications involved, but that's my thought on the flash or no flash debate of sorts going around in my head, and on the internets.

Completely random side note:

have you been to

Visit it, its a site where people submit news stories with their own made up headlines.

But like many places the articles are entertaining but some of the real honest to goodness entertainment can be found in the comments section.

I roflcoptered out loud while on the train this morning.

Time to go outside, it is way too nice and warm and I know the 42nd Street between Lexington and Vanderbilt scenery will be decent.

Any fellow TG'ers who work in NYC, or in the Metro area give a shout would love to meet up and converse. Belhade I promise to make it up to see you soon.