Over the past few months, I have been on Project Reality less and less. Part of the reason is that I was finishing up my firefighter 1 training and thus I have been spending a lot of time at the firehouse especially at nights watching tv and hanging out, as well as doing drills etc.

The other side is that more and more I have been getting punkbuster kicks. My computer is 10 years old, it has a decent video card, it has over 3.10 gigs of RAM, and it may not have 500 GBs but I have at least 6 gbs free of the 37.5 gb HD.

There seems to be no direct fix for punkbuster, no forum, no release from the company or update for that matter, it just seems that if Punkbuster B wants to act up it can, and you just have to deal with it, and delete PB and then reinstall it and then restart and reconnect.

So with no clear update of Punkbuster, I have to choose when I want to game wisely.

I have also been practicing on a practice server how to fly Apache's and other helicopters.

I have found that the same players constantly use armor or helo's and never squad lead as infantry. I mean it basically the same players, I could name names, but I honestly don't want to get into a verbal disagreement, or be looked down upon because i decided to speak up.

So my plan is to become a good helo pilot or apache pilot, and I will thus be making Apache or Havok squads.

For a period of time I was set on just doing armor, but when the same players who always do armor do armor and then join your squad, it kind of defeats the purpose of what you are intending to do. Do you kick them? No, because that would just be mean and not very mature. Do you leave? No because that would show you are not a team player. You have to just grin and bear it.

I also recently played on the 128 player test server. It is awesome and I wish that TG would get on the band wagon and have a PR 128 test server weekend.

Then again I wish that some of the events or scenario events that myself and other players have submitted would get an honest look over instead of just being thrown into the pile and disregarded. There are 2 servers, I am willing to bet Apophis is not going to mind if the private server is modified for a certain event and then de-modified after it is over.

I miss Thursday night and Sunday night password events, I remember when it didn't have to be posted, it was just a given but somehow it stopped, but if there is one thing that I wish would happen, it would be that, that those PW nights would come back. It is what really made TG fun, and it has introduced me to many of the players I usually squad up with and/or have met in RL or have been in or am currently in an IHS with.

I am also tired of being an infantry SL, or expected to be one. Same with locked squads, when did they become as common as the rifles we carry in-game?

so to sum it up.

Constant punkbuster problems and the lack of interest of wanting to be a SL Infantry SL almost every round has led me to believe that I need to step up and be a attack helo pilot and hope that we as a community can get Sunday day and Thursday night PW events back up and running so that can lead to some of the various scenario events especially Zombie Night to actually happen rather than wait another 6 months for it to be a "possibility", and to also get the private server up and running or modified for this to happen.

I do hope to be on tomorrow afternoon if I don't fall asleep once I get home from taking the Suffolk County Police exam at 9 am (I have to get up at 630 am just in case there is a butt load of traffic).

If you haven't tried the 128 player test sever I strong suggest it. It is awesome and it is a shame that EA did not take advantage of it regarding BF3. - IMHO BF3 is going to be vanilla BF2 with just better graphics.

Also mumble ftw as always.