So since I have bored most of you with all of firefighter updates and what not, I thought I would splatter your eyes (is it me or do the tg blogs writing space not recognize when the edge of the page is?) with some useful
information if you ever have to force your way into a door.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to use the mallet part of the hydra ram (its a great tool for opening up apartment doors), this was the first time I had ever used it, or been tasked with carrying it up the six flight of stairs with all my gear plus my air-pak, the captain on the floor put it up against the door and away we went.

What a cool and interesting tool!! Smashing the mallet against it allowed you to open up the space above the lock and in less than 4 minutes we were able to gain entry into the vacant apartment.

^ We didn't just randomly go to this apartment, there was a gas odor call, and sure enough the smell of gas
(propane) was running rampant, everyone else on the floors above and below were home except this resident, and with the super en route and with the permission of the chief and with the police watching over us we were gained permission to gain access into the apartment - Forcible entry.

So below I leave you with a long but very interesting read. WITH PICTURES!!!

Take a look, this is something that I am trying to continuously study so when the time comes that there is a real sense of danger I can come in handy and help.