A few weeks ago I attending my cousin's wedding out in Montauk Long Island.

It was great, my cousin Jesse has been sober for 5+ years same with his wife, and previous dinners with him and his fiance have been some of the best interactions with him since he got sober. Before I would not be happy that he was there mostly because he would be drunk or on his way, and Jesse + drinking = lots of bent up anger.

So being able to attend his wedding was a lot of fun but, his sister was there and as I got in my car and left I really had an unsettling feeling in my stomach.

Lindsay is probably 23-24, she is on welfare, and is addicted to oxy and is also using heroin and probably other drugs. She is no longer with the father of her child, and her daughter is as cute as can be, but she also didn't put the child up for adoption because she had it so it would give the "unconditional love" as well as because she is in her own world.

Now, her daughter is almost 12 months old, and is tanned from head to toe, from what I heard it is because they went to the beach and lindsay fell asleep and didn't have the common sense to put a hat on the child or bring an umbrella.

She is also still using, mind you.

Now, she is currently staying at my Aunts house in florida, and my aunt steph is currently going through some health issues let alone having to deal with who knows what with Lindsay.

I want to call the fort myers social services office and report Lindsay, I mentioned this to my parents and was met with what almost felt like "what the F are you thinking?!!". I understand why they told me that it's not my problem and why I shouldn't get involved or make an anonymous phone call like the one I am contemplating doing, but another part of me feels really really bad for this child and if something were to happen I would feel more regret and sadness. Also the chances of something happening are unfortunately high.

I need some advice, it's not my child, i don't keep in contact with her, i didn't even give her my phone number because of past occurrences with her father (my mother's brother), and with her calling my mom asking for money.

The interesting thing is that when I heard she was pregnant I immediately asked if she was putting the baby up for adoption, but alas she didn't.