Video of first arriving engine -

Date: 7/12/11
Time: 0906
Location: 237 Mamaroneck Ave
Frequency: 46.26 dispatch, Fire 17, EMS 15,
Units Operating:
MVFD - Full department
TMFD - FAST ladder 19
PCFD -1 engine and 1 ladder relocate

Harrison Ambulance
Batt 15
C/O Zone 3

PCRRBEMS - 77A1, 77A6
MEMS - 68A1
LVAC - 66A1
TMAD - 49M1, 49-11 (medical command)
Scarsdale - 79A1
Weather Conditions: Hot, Humid

Description Of Incident:

0922 - 3 story, 3 l/s/o/ primaries underway, ladder 19 making the roof
0948 - Fire under control, overhauling ATT

Reports from the journal news that 4 people were rescued by FD. -|text|Frontpage

Yesterday I decided to take a later train into NYC for work than I normally do. I was on schedule to catch the 9:24 train, I got to the train station at around 9:08, finished a price club mocha frappe, got out of the car and started walking to the stairway to go up to the upper parking lot and then down a flight of stairs to the train platform.

As I got out, an Ipage came in regarding an EMS call.

took a look at it and then just as I put it in my pocket 2 texts came in at once.

MSG:231 Mamaroneck @House of Flowers,
Cross: Prospect Ave,
Type: Stru

MSG: MAMVL, Alarm lev: 1,
2242 Reports 10-75- Chief or Deputy Chief on Scene calling for assistance/Mutual Aid - 2 Ladders from Departmentswhich they tell 60 Control are dispatched and the closest FAST Team (Firefighter Assist Search Team) is paged out.

Now upon seeing this, I ran back to my car and headed to the firehouse (I'm with the Town of Mamaroneck [TMFD]) which fortunately is less than 2 mins from the firehouse.

I planned on wearing shorts yesterday due to the heat and the fact that I could get away with it, and after I parked on a street next to the firehouse, I grabbed my gear and headed inside.

The Ladder (L19) and the FAST Team in R6 was pulling out as I entered through the back entrance.

I put my gear down and then the saw the 1st Deputy Chief, he immediately said "Go, get in my car."
- This is when I knew it was serious.

I put on my bunker pants and carried my jacket and helmet and hopped in the back seat.

2 more volunteers showed up, got in his SUV and when he got in, away we went.

I will say, it was pretty awesome driving there in the Chiefs car (Mamaroneck, is the next town over from where I live so the drive was short, err shorter with lights and sirens, the traffic is only getting worse unfortunately)

Upon Arrival, we hopped out, put on the rest of our stuff, and made our way to the staging area, I grabbed a radio, air pak, put my tags, up, grabbed a set of tools and then took the air pak off when an Officer of the FAST steam arrived, put his tags up, went to a Village of Mamaroneck Rig and grabbed an Air Pak off of there and went back to the staging area.

As I got there the fire was just about completely out, and that was at 928 or 930, but I honestly can't say.

All is in all it was very cool, I know cool isn't the right word, but being that this was the first "Main Street USA" commercial/residential structure fire that I saw and then went into to do some overhaul, and also check the gift shop on the ground floor for a backside entrance and if there were any possible threats - I didn't go alone, you go alone when you are not supposed to and you put yourself and others at risk.

I am sore today though, and talk about being drenched, I thought I was hot and sweaty this past sunday, I was completely drenched.

I did learn some really valuable things though.

In hot weather like this, I will, if its possible not gear up completely (Jacket, helmet and air pak) next time in a situation like this. It was very hot for Suburbia where i was (already 85 degrees) at 930am, and upon doing overhaul for 20 minutes or so for the first time I found myself getting light headed and didn't want to be that guy who passed out.

I'm also going to start to use the exercise bike in the fire house a lot more, and make sure to eat something if I can.

Adrenaline is an awesome feeling, I have had more adrenaline rushes in the last year than I have ever had in my life.

The really amazing this is how all these different departments work together. There is no bs or arguments or tough guy on the block acting. Everyone is striving for the same goals and safety is priority no matter what.

I've heard stories of how big time city Fire Departments look down on Volunteer FD, and it makes me shake my head, hubris will only carry you so far.

*Also I did not go up on the ladder to the roof of the building. I am in no way ready for that, nor do I really ever want to do that. I am not a fan of Saws of any kind and for my first time on a call I wasn't ready to climb up 40+feet on an aerial ladder which gets narrower and narrower as you get closer to the front/end of it.*