The computer I use at work is the slowest, probably the oldest in the office and has the most amount of winrot in the history of winrot.

THIS COMPUTER IS SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The office has a Cat 5 connection and yet loading up websites on two separate browsers TAKES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this computer, I don't like using that work, but I seriously hate this POS. Once I back it up again I am really considering putting a magnet on certain parts so it ceases to work entirely.

The comp is about 10 years 6 months old, and i despise it.

I need some suggestions from you guys regarding how I can email my boss expressing the concerns for this pos but doing it in a way that he will be understanding and that he might get me a new work computer.

Background on my Boss - He's a former IT guy, but isn't personable when it comes to comps, i.e. if it doesn't effect him directly his interest will be low.

Plus I work for a startup which isn't doing well, I'm currently looking for a new job while here at work and his macbook pro which is all hooked up cost more than what I make a month.

So I have that going for me which is nice.

*P.S. - a fellow TG friend of mine MEFBravo is having some problems loading BF2: Project Reality maps etc with windows 7. Shoot him an email, it's been a while that he's been able to play some PR and with his super busy schedule pm'ing him would be best so he can find the root of the problem and get it fixed.