I just applied for this job, and though I do not currently have any formal weapons training or experience with weapons, or weapons training the job itself sounds very very very very very cool, even for a possible part-time gig. It's for a military contracting company, you can probably guess which one, I am not posting the name just because I really want this and I know many of you TG'ers here have military or law enforcement or weapons training and can probably get the job a heck of a lot easier than I can, but tell me what you think, I think it sounds cool, and please don't turn this into your personal political thread, leave all politics or feelings about military contracting companies in your brain, I don't want to hear about them nor do I care. Talk about it in the sandbox, not on my blog.

Open Positions
Role Player
Department: Domestic Training & Operations

Primary Purpose:

Participates in various situational training exercises and other collective training events to replicate mission scenarios.

Essential Functions:

Assist in training scenarios for US military forces and other groups.

May act as an aggressor, bystander, or principle in training scenarios.

Use non-lethal weapons (paintball, blanks, and simunition weapons)

Other duties as assigned or required.

Required Education/Experience:

While no experience is required, some knowledge of surveillance, weapons training, and foreign languages is helpful and preferred. Must be able to follow verbal and written directions/instructions.

Effective oral and written communication skills with all levels of the organization (including management, peers, team members and customer-base). Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage time and multiple priorities to completion. Problem solving skills with an analytical thought process. Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Working Conditions:

Frequent work outside and in inclement weather conditions is required, including heat, cold, and humidity. May be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals and vibration. Must be willing to wear Personal Protective Equipment as required by established Company Safety standards.

WARNING: Role players are frequently shot at with paintball guns and simunition rounds.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift and carry file boxes and other awkward items weighing up to 25 lbs, including up and down stairs. Requires intermittent standing, walking, sitting, squatting, stretching, and bending throughout the workday. Must be able to see and hear, or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately to assure that the requirements of this position can be fully met.