I started to like safari, even though it did use up a bit more memory than firefox, though I just noticed today that like firefox's adobe plugin, safari has its own plugin of sorts simply titled: WebKit2WebProcess.exe

What a pleasant surprise, thank you safari, actually I should say thank you Apple, being that you are the most profitable company in the world now. I mean sure why not add this little plugin in, it probably doesn't affect macbook users, i mean why would you want to affect the people who spend 1500+ dollars on a laptop that gives you the most awesome digital video and picture display but if you want to run pc games you have to be a comp whiz to get it to work. I mean if I enjoyed sipping nonfat skim soy non-sweetened pumpkin spiced cinnamon latte's while being a graphic artist and in my free time texting my boyfriend who i plan to have stretch my leather later in the evening while we watch brokeback mountain in my apartment overlooking the golden gate bridge that would be great, but i don't see the reason behind paying 1500+ for a lap top with a wider screen so i can look at digital video or pictures more clearly. It probably is a great computer for porn, I mean with all the streaming stuff available at your fingertips macs are probably the best reason for a straight guy to get it.

However if I was a graphic designer I probably would be making more money, and I am willing to bet I'd be one of the few straight male graphic designers so that means I probably could get a lot of female tail and in the end I wouldn't be writing this blog from my slow work computer because i would be home working from my apartment while blogging from my ridicously expensive apple macbook computer that just crashed and lost all of my graphic design work while i was transferring documents to my usb flash-drive and now I have to go to make an appointment to go to the apple store to make an appointment to see a so called genius at the genius bar where in he will tell me that because my macbook doesn't work well with other video cards or types of ram the best thing for me to do is to look at my now crashed macbook which still has information on it that i need to be transferred onto the flash drive still in it, but the apple genius has refused to answer the question regarding transferring the leftover information, but while looking at it he will tell me that i should take the price of my macbook and add $500 dollars for the purchase of a new one because lets face it, the best way to fix a mac is for you to hand your crashed mac to the person at the counter and you hand them the money you bought your mac for plus $200-500 and they hand you a new mac.

Yeah, even though this computer is slow, i'll stick with it, because lets be honest, I don't see my boss wanting to buy me a $1500 mac laptop, i'd use it if he did, but since he won't be buying me one, I will just have to be like a USMC and make do.

So thank you Apple for adding the WebKit2WebProcess.exe to Safari, and thank you process explorer for helping me locate it.