Naniwa may your RIP. Naniwa was an great authentic Japanese restaurant in NYC which unexpectedly closed last year. I heard it was because the two health inspectors were not given free meals, and they tried to rip off the owner who in return shut it down without having to pay off those scumbags.

Anyways Naniwa had the best real miso soup this side of Tokyo (imho, if you know of a better place please post!!). They also had great lunch specials and combos and their tuna sushi was amazing!!!! For spicy tuna rolls instead of using a mayo based paste they used a tabasco based paste with no mayo.

So with them closing i was on the search for a new place near my place of work (I work next to the 2nd and 4th placed buildings on the Terrorist hot spot list - The Metlife Building and Grand Central Terminal on 42nd street)

I have found the next best place Azusa of Japan -

Their lunch specials are awesome, and the amount is a treat in itself. Before coming here I was never a bento box, sushi lunch special type of guy, but they first time I went, i got the chicken terriyaki lunch special with it was soup, salad, fruit, chicken terriyaki, yaki-tori, 1 california roll and 2 pieces of tuna sushi.


Now during different days of the week the specials change and that chicken terriyaki special has recently changed I think due to the amount of people who got it (good raw tuna is expensive and they recently removed those two pieces but i can deal).

So writing about this place has gotten me hungry, and I will go now and see if I can avoid the rain and have some lunch.

Also service is quick, you can eat at the bar most times (if you are 1 or 2 persons, they actually encourage it) which is great, and its good food for good price!!

I rike it very much.