As many of you have probably read, TacticalGamer has given the Green Light for BF2:Project Reality to return to the TacticalGamer server.

The fun starts tomorrow:
Opening Day
When: Sunday, March 24th
Time: 2pm Eastern/1800 GMT

Our map list for Opening Day is as follows:

Vadso City - 32
Fools Road - 64
Burning Sands - 16
Qwai - 64

Looking forward to hearing and catching up with old voices/players and seeing new ones.

Remember, be patient with us old returning players and the new ones to the server. I haven't played a full game in a very long time, I will mess up mumble, I will mess up on some very basic tasks, but remember it is all about having fun, having some awesome gameplay and reviving the server!!

See you on the battlefield!!

footnote: Warlab's original blog regarding Project Reality returning to TG