Are you happy with your lone PC connected to your DSL or cable modem? Then I suggest you bugger off. The following entries will make you sick to your stomach. Entries, yes.

I've always been turned on by technology.

I just have to know how things work. Ever since I was a kid. I stripped apart my first toaster at 8. Then on to bigger and better things. Like my Dad's stereo. Not my best idea, but I got it apart and back together before he got home from work. Which brings me to «Home networking from scratch». This evolving pet project now sports a wired LAN, wireless access point, web proxy with content filtering, DNS server, Name server, 2 lan printers, 4 laptops, 3 desktops and a file server.

Why? Why not. Fun, educational, and cool!

An a good way to recycle some of these outdated parts. Kinda.

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