From a dlink DI-604 to an old Optiplex GX-1 acquired for 50$ (CDN!) running smoothwall, we're talking a step up here buddy pal. Got that box with 768MB of PC-100 SDRAM! Do you really think I was going to settle for less ?

First, I decided I was going to run OpenBSD. OK, I'm Canadian And when I installed FreeBSD, it barfed at my French Canadian keyboard, what a turn off. :row__590:

But, more to the point, PF was born with OpenBSD. So why the hell not.

OK, so do I recycle my GX-1 ? Build a new mini-ITX box? Too expensive. And I had bigger plans!

Hardware selected:

Celeron 420
AsRock Wolfdale uATX motherboard
1G DDR-2 667
200 GB sata drive
MicroATX case ( funky brand)
Recycled DVD rom drive
Recycled NICs (from my old Optiplex)

Yes, this project was started in 2007, so most of this is now obsolete. Even then, the motherboard, ram, HD, cpu and case came in under 200$.

That's the hardware. Next: Open Source goodness.