We all know Eleanor. I for one, work with her. She immigrated some years ago. Not many friends here. Not that she's not a nice person; just that she cannot relate it seems. Her ties are far from here. Far away, but still close to her. You can see it in her eyes. She just loves life. How come she seems so lonely? I guess the fact she moved away from home left her with this feeling she must remain strong; not to shed any doubt on her decison. Not to give in.

Her father passed away a few weeks back. She did take some time off. That's how I learned about it, through the grapevine; unwillingly caught 2 colleagues talking. I sent her a note. I saw her today and she thanked me. I felt like giving her a big hug, as if I could act as a pain absorbing sponge and make things better for her.

Well, I did not. Instead I mumbled some useless appropriate politically correct, socially sensitive crap.

So I made a silent commitment to her: I will make her laugh this week. So Eleanor might forget her sorrow for a little while. And I won't feel stupid for not listening to my heart.