I'm in the planning phase of a new rig. I'm coming into some money and I want a top of the line rig to replace my aging system. First up is the case.

  • Must be able to fit two ATI HD 5970s
  • Must be able to fit all water cooling gear (radiator, pump, resevoir)
  • Absolutely no side viewing window.
  • Must have a removable motherboard plate.
  • If possible, all fan intakes should have some form of filter.
  • If possible, it should have smooth lines.

The case I really like is the Silverston FT02B, but it has two problems. It will not fit a radiator and a 5970 (its even shaky fitting the 5970 alone), and it has an annoying side view window. I contacted Silverstone about the possibility of new cases in the Fortress line. They responded that more are on the way, but could not provide details at this time. My current case is an Antec P180B. I prefer this style case with smooth lines and un-interrupted surfaces. Unfortunately it will not hold the necessary water cooling gear.

More to come as the search continues...