The case in question is the Lian Li PC-A71F which is the same as the PC-A70F with a front door. It has the styling and minimalism I'm looking for as well as plenty of room inside for equipment. Its not a slam dunk though, some modding will have to take place.

First, the top cover has no cooling fans. There is an optional cover with a single fan, but I want two 140mm fans in the top cover to accommodate a nice twin fan radiator. You could eliminate the lower HD cage and install a radiator there, but now the heated air will be circulated inside the case instead of immediately blown out. I prefer not to do that. This means that I will need to have the stock cover custom machined. I will need to contact Lian Li for a CAD drawing of the cover so that I can plan the alterations.

Second, it has an upper rear HD cage that will need to go, but it's removable so that will be a cinch. As an added bonus, the removal of the upper HD cage allows for an additional 120mm radiator if necessary.

With the lower HD cage in place, the case can accommodate cards up to 390mm (15.35") in length. There is plenty of room in the base for not only the power supply but the cooling pump and reservoir as well. The motherboard tray is not removable, but at least it has a large cutout where the CPU backing plate is located if it ever needs replacing. It's not shown, but there is almost 2" of space behind the motherboard tray to accommodate cabling and/or tubing in my case. I wasn't too thrilled about the PSU "strap", but several reviewers had no problems with it. The PSU sits on a small tray raised off the bottom of the case so it can be mounted upside down if the "strap" impedes the operation of the fan.

My only concern is the machining of an already anodized surface. Scratches can be minimized by attaching the piece to another material for machining. If I had my druthers, I would prefer to pitch this idea to Lian Li and have them fab it. I will ask about that when I request a drawing of it.

All in all, I'm happy with it.