I'm not ready to buy the rest of the components, but I went ahead and bought the case to make designing the rest of the system easier. At the same time, I bought an aftermarket top plate and the radiator to test the fit.

After studying all the aftermarket top plates that Lian Li offers for their cases, I came to the conclusion that the T-71103 (pictured below) originally made for the PC-A7110 case should fit the PC-A71F.

A test fit confirmed two things. First, the T-71103 top plate fit and bolted in perfectly. Second, as suspected, the upper rear hard drive cage (pictured below) had to be removed because it interferes. Lian Li saved this location as an alternate power supply location and as such the cage is easily removed with 4 screws.

And the final picture with the top on and the front panel connectors screwed back in place.

That's a load off my mind. Originally it looked like I was going to have to machine the stock plate.

Up next, I will be fitting the 3 120mm fans and the Black Ice SR1 360 radiator, but first I have to get longer bolts.


In all my excitement, I forgot to order them.