Often, going without can lead you to really appreciate things including such things as flushing toilets, heat, TV, internet, etc.

Starting on Friday the 5th, Washingtonians and people of surrounding areas geared up for the "Blizzard of 2010," later to be dubbed the "Armageddon" by Obama. Schools closed 2.5 hours early, and people struggled to get home before the snow started. Truly, a snowstorm in DC is a scary thing. Why?

Well to start off, no one in the DC area, dubbed the 3rd Worst Commute in the Nation can drive properly in the the rain let alone the snow. It one of the few times a year that those with Hummers are able to rejoice and laugh at the Priuses slipping and sliding down the road. Even with minor snowstorms in Washington, people freak out. Walk into any grocery store and one would see disgruntled soccer-moms grabbing for the last loaves of bread and gallons of milk.

The BBC says it best:

Originally posted by BBC
A record 3ft (91cm) of snow fell on Maryland.

Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland have declared emergencies, allowing them to activate the National Guard to help cope with the wintry onslaught.

Some 300,000 homes are without electricity in Maryland and neighboring Virginia - the two states which bore the brunt of the storm.
I spent 12 hours without electricity and boy was it suckish. My house lost heat fast, but digging out from 3ft of snow keeps you rather warm.

That's my street 8AM on Saturday, keep in mind it snowed until 5PM.

Who knows how long it will take DC to dig out (fingers crossed for school cancellations), but it certainly was a storm to remember. I'll always remember cooking ravioli on my hobo stove. :row__593:

UPDATE: No school monday or tuesday, I'll be snowboarding!